Sunday, July 30, 2006

Returning from DC....

When I returned from DC I was obsessed with Dada. I read books on Dada, researched on the web, thought Dada, dreamt Dada, ate Dada. Problem was that I had no artistic background. So I figured I'd start with collage. Anybody can glue things to a board, right? I gave into my anger and created what you see below.

It's entitled "The Medusa Leaders or Orwell Just Got the Year Wrong." My niece thinks it's disrespectful to women but it's not my fault Medusa was female.

Mixed media, house paint on discarded plywood cabinet door, finished with hard wood flooring varnish. The women are taken from ads in Art Forum magazine. The eye is , of course, a famous Man Ray photo manipulated some. The quotes are mostly from Orwell and mostly from 1984.

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