Thursday, July 17, 2008

A couple more....

These are two that are long in coming.

The first is actually a painting on top of another painting with parts of another painting collaged in. The vertical stripe in the middle is about the only thing left -- well maybe some of the other blue too. It was originally a landscape of a storm we watched in Cape Breton last summer. Another canvas, that I destroyed with a knife in a fit of pique, was cut and pasted in. The white is really just gesso, not paint.

"The Dance" Mixed media, acrylic, gesso, ink? on canvas. 16 x 24 ??

The second continues my experiment with stain and wash ala Frankenthaler and Morris. It's a smaller piece on unprimed canvas using a number of washes over a month or two. A little dark but I think I like it.

"Head in Hand" Acrylic on unprimed canvas. Small, I'll check

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