Monday, December 20, 2010

Okay, so here's the wrapping paper piece....

Yesterday I started with an idea to make my own wrapping paper.  Some things worked, others didn't.  Some I just wrapped in failed art.  The collage below actually worked and is kinda fun.

Here's the front. It's made with a Man Ray photo, another photo from a WWII era English magazine I got from eBay (the badminton player) and then some cut outs from an Art Forum magazine.

Wrapping Paper Front. Collage. Maybe 6" x 6"

Here's the back which is not as good as the front.   This one is more cut outs from the Art Forum magazine along with a photo of mine -- the person in tennis shoes standing waiting for the subway in Boston.

Wrapping Paper Back. Collage. Maybe 6" x 6"

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