Wednesday, January 05, 2011

New piece continuing the use of cheesecloth to add texture

I've been playing with covering the painting substrate with cheesecloth from the grocery store.  It adds texture obviously but it also changes how you paint.  Some things are easier and others harder.  For example, instead of using a brush I might use paint straight from the tube or scrape it on with a plastic hotel "key".

Karen picked up some decorative wood wall hangings from Club Nova thrift shop in Carrboro.  I covered one with cheesecloth attached with gesso.  Started painting, added some copper, some black, some red and this face appeared.  For me that is often how it works (when it works).  No plan, just paint.

Watch Your Step.  Acrylics and oil pastel on wood covered with cheesecloth.  14 x 18

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