Sunday, July 10, 2011

A new one but not what's on the website

So I've put some recent pieces on my website and said in my previous post that I was going to post them over time here.  But the best laid plans and all that.

Today I went into the studio and produced something that, at this point, I like.  I've spent much of my painting time over the last year or two producing pseudo realistic portraits.  I don't want to be realistic.  What I want is to capture the person, preferably with as little information as possible. So here is day one of a portrait of younger son Andy that is getting closer and closer to what I want.  Still work to do but I'm happy.

Weeks, later, March 3 actually, I'm putting the much later version of this here. Still not happy but it's better. I'll leave the old version because they are very different...

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