Sunday, October 16, 2011

New pieces

I've been working a reasonable amount lately, trying some new things, succeeding some, failing lots. Heh, volume is the road to quality. Here's two:

The first started as a beach scene from a photo of a family vacation. It never worked though you can barely see two legs in the upper left that survive. Sort of my usual technique:

1) Make some random lines and shapes with pencil, ink, oil pastel, gesso with ink, whatever.
2) Come back a couple of days later and see if there is any there there. 
3) Work with the there.
4) If it fails, repeat.

Beach Nude. Acrylics, ink, oil pastels, watercolor crayon, etc. on canvas.  24 x 36
The second is more structured in design, technique and result. Working again from a photo of my son Andy, I wanted to try breaking the piece into blocks.  So here it is:

Andy in Fourths. Ink, watercolor crayons, acrylics, maybe oil pastel on watercolor paper.  9 x 13.
Oh and I forgot....I am actually trying to lose the "two spaces after a period" while typing thing. It drives Karen nuts!

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