Saturday, May 30, 2015

More the black and white (mostly) things I've been working on...

These generally all begin with watercolor paper. I rub wax (just on old candle) on the paper where I don't want the graphite powder to adhere. Then I rub the powder on the paper, lots sometimes, less other times. The powder really sticks to the wax (you'll see very black there), but how much powder sticks to the raw paper varies. Next step: spray fixative on the piece -- usually a couple of times. Then I start using various tools to scrape away wax leaving the white paper showing. That's pretty much it in a nut shell.

Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. Maybe they're just boring, other times hopeless. I've been working with some of the those that are bit boring and cutting them in ways. I think I'll start trying to also cut and rearrange, collage, whatevah -- basically mixed media.

Here are a few examples:
15 x 22. Cut and backed with black paper

14 x 17. Cut and backed with white paper

14 x 17. Cut and backed with black paper

This one of the left has one variation. I have cherry stain powder used in woodworking (I used to make furniture). I'll spread a bit of the stain powder and add a bit of water. It creates various shades of color as you see on the left.

I've also put it on a white background. I'm not sure which works better.

Lastly, the one below just follows the basic formula I described above.

14 x 17

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