Friday, September 15, 2006

A New & Old Piece

(These are new Phil Psilos photos)

This is a brand new painting done over the last 2 nights. It is similar to a painting by Jean Dubuffet that I noticed in a 1961 Revue XXe Sicele. I really enjoyed making it and teaching myself some new techniques. No name yet. I'll try to get a better photo of it. It's probably not finished.

Acrylic on watercolor paper.

This one is new-old. This started, like much of my work, with some lines on the page. Suddenly I saw something there and went with it. It sat around for a couple of months until I saw what to do next. It's called "Lee Miller's Ear". Lee was, in my opinion, May Ray's most beautiful model and that is saying something! As was often the case, Man Ray and Lee became lovers.

Lee was a great photographer in her own right and the wife of Roland Penrose. For more info on Lee try Wikipedia.

Acyrics, pen and Outer Banks sand on paper.

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