Sunday, March 04, 2007

I'm not as prolific as I was

But then again I'm not depressed and manic anymore either. I'll keep the less productive and happier version of me. I'll also keep a certain person who's part of making me less productive but much happier.

I've been enjoying the abstract expressionist paintings of Joan Mitchell. I'm looking forward to seeing a couple of her things at the Corcoran and other museums in DC in a couple of weeks. I'm sure pictures don't do her work justice; there's just too much texture. So she's inspired me recently and here are a couple of examples.

The first is a fairly big canvas that happened pretty quickly. I doubt it's finished.

"Out of Control" Acrylics on canvas 24" x 30"

This next one has evolved. It's much closer to being finished and I like it better than "Out of Control". This is definitely one where 2d just doesn't show much.

"They Filled the Sky" Acrylics on canvas 24" x 18"


Anonymous said...

Chris, you may recall we spoke at dinner, across the table, after the NC water conference in Raleigh. I took your blog address and finally had a chance to check it out. Something's going on inside, else how you could produce so many images, self taught, inspired by what you see and read in art books? They draw you in, they excite...I like Some County in Iowa, Red Dress, Photosynthesis ...the colors, the forms, the chaos, I guess. Especially intrigued at the Dada story as the impetus. Keep at it!

Gordon Binder

Chris Beacham said...

Hey Gordon,

Thanks for the kind comments. Red Dress was one of my first pieces to sell. It's a favorite. I've always enjoyed Photosynthesis too -- you and my older son both like it. Some County in Iowa turned out well and is about to be given to a special someone in my life.

Dada continues to be a great influence as a way of thinking about art even if my pieces don't look much like Dada. Nope to see you again soon.