Saturday, March 17, 2007


I have been enjoying various Abstract Expressionists and it is showing somewhat in my painting. I guess the impetus for this sort of "stones in a river" theme came from the view out of my window.

This first one started as a collage piece and I gradually added paint and inks. It is more subdued and I like it better. It was actually the second one so it's called...

Stones #2. Mixed media, collage, acrylics, ink on mat board. 23 x 18

This is one of the those pieces where I like parts of it and not others. I keep playing with some of the stones, particularly the bottom right and left and the top left. We'll see if I can ever get happy with the whole thing.

Stones #1. Acrylics on mat board and maybe some inks. 20 x 16