Monday, April 30, 2007

The opening at the top of the stairs

In the landing area outside my 3rd floor loft there is an opening, a window of sorts, that overlooks the Haw River. (See the picture below in the post entitled "I've started a new piece".) The view can be astounding like the other day when a storm rolled in during the early evening hours. The clouds were a beautiful blue-gray varying from light to nearly black. I took a bunch of pictures, many framed in various ways by edges of the opening. This is a piece based on one of the photos where the top of the opening is the framing.

Oh yeah, it's not finished....

Haw River Storm #1. Acrylics on canvas. 24" x 16"

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Inspiration move me brightly

Inspiration move me brightly
Light the song with sense and color
Hold away despair
More than this I will not ask
Faced with mysteries deep and vast
Statements just seem vain at last
Some rise, some fall, some climb
Some rise, some climb, some crawl
To get to Terrapin

So begins the Terrapin Station section of the Terrapin Station Suite. Robert Hunter's lyrics are always wonderful and perhaps nowhere better than in this beautiful song. I start all my diaries with the opening of the Suite:

"Let my inspiration flow, in token rhyme suggesting rhythm
That will not forsake me, till my tale is told and done"

My tale is not done, but something unknown suggested rhythm and thus this piece was born.

Inspiration Move Me Brightly. Acrylics and ink on canvas. 24 x 30

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Say hello to no commuting!

Okay, so Sax to Carrboro is a little commute but it's a cinch compared to the daily trek across the Triangle I've endured for over 8 years.

And why, dear reader, are my driving days numbered? Retirement? Won the lottery? A sugar mama? Nope. It's a new job. I'll start working with my friends at RTS next week. I'm looking forward to the work, the people and the sweet location right across the railroad tracks from Weaver Street Market.

Mostly though I chose RTS because the employees there own a good chunk of my art that is actually hanging on somebody else's wall. A built in market.

People at Commerce have commented on my big smile lately. To the right I've posted a silly self portrait with a goofy smile. It is something of an unusual self portrait in that it looks nothing like me (except for the beard part). Go figure.

Me and a Hat. Acrylics and ink on watercolor paper. 9 x 12