Saturday, February 21, 2009

Some more small pieces

These are done on 10.5' x 14' paper using oil pastels and, with one, watercolors. As I've said in the past, oil pastels are for when I'm lazy and want to sit on the couch and piddle around. I've started to discover that it is more than that. I really like them. I like to move them around with my finger. I enjoy taking linseed oil and making puddles on color or maybe using an old toothbrush to create interesting textures. They are also fairly easy to repair when I screw up.

Recently I've started to combine them with watercolors. The oil pastels serve to provide a resist and the watercolors can fill in between oily areas easily. I like some of the patterns that can be created too.

This first one is a dark (scary according to Karen) piece. Still I've tentatively called it Forgiveness. Don't know why.

Next up is a companion piece to Marcel Duchamp's Chin that I did a while back. This doesn't have the nuance of the other yet but I'm working on that. Working title Duchamp's Face.

Next up is the piece with watercolor. It's called Ant's View. The watercolor is much of the blue. The crooked nature of the piece is intentional. I'm not sure what I'll do with the area around the frame.

Lastly we've got a portrait of a young sort of goth woman. Titled Suzy because I was typing this during a Randy Newman song in which Suzy is a character.

Hope you enjoy them. Comments, suggestions, criticism are encouraged.