Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Yes I really have been painting

My wonderful niece Becca noted that this blog was pretty damn stale. (Actually she was much nicer about it than that, but I can read between the lines.)

I have actually been painting with even an occasional modicum of success. I'm going to post a bunch of things today without much comment just to prove that I'm not just sitting around watching TV, eating chips and burping on the couch.

The second one is my 2007 holiday card. If you don't get one of the cards it's because I don't know you or I don't have your address. The Satyr (top right)is in flux but he really is a bad man.

The rest are either good or bad, small or large, finished or unfinished, acrylics, oil pastels or mixed media, on canvas, plywood, mat board or paper. Nearly none of them have names. Go figure.

Have a wonderful holiday!