Friday, January 08, 2016

You never can tell

So Karen and I have given away most of our work because we had no place to keep it. It's gone to family, friends, workmates and acquaintances. This one I posted about in 2013 (see below). My older son liked it so he took it. But before he did he rotated it counterclockwise and made it into an abstract landscape (if that makes sense). Certainly is more interesting. If you own any of my paintings feel free to turn them any way you want!

In Brooklyn & about back to painting!

There's been no art making for a long time. Art thinking, yes, but no art making. Many reasons but the best excuse is no good studio access.

Those days are over -- we move into the new place in Park Slope, Brooklyn tomorrow. We won't have a big studio but it'll be good enough with good light. Hopefully I'll be able to post a new thing or two soon.

Now to find a job....but before that two more B&W (or sort of) that I haven't posted.