Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sales are nice!

Sometimes people ask whether something is for sale. I think the question comes from the idea of "losing" something that came from inside, that is very personal and that, perhaps, no one else will understand. I get that.

I got into painting never expecting to show anybody anything, much less find people willing to pay actual money for them. It turns out that people like some of my stuff. (I'll also note that the buying public often ignores my best work - bunch of philistines! I still love you.)

The truth is that there are only a few pieces that are so special in that internal connection sort of way that I will never sell. There is one painting that I have some regret selling but the right person bought it so it's okay.

Yesterday I sold a painting that has gone through many iterations, changes of direction, and frankly several layers of paint. I put it in an abstract show at Johnny's Gone Fishing and yesterday I got a call that someone wanted to buy it. So up to Johnny's to pick up the other pieces and sell one. Kevin Morgan bought it and he explains part of the why here. An interesting story that starts with a poem by Tao Te Ching and includes references to chaos and complexity theories (the painting is titled "Chaos" and I also have an interest in chaos theory) and mucus. Kevin is interesting.

So here it is:

Chaos. Acrylics, ink probably some other stuff on canvas covered with cheesecloth. 24 x 18

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