Sunday, June 21, 2009

My first try at a cutout

Karen and I love the giant Matisse cutouts upstairs at the East Wing of the National Gallery in DC (I think her more than me). I bought her a book about his cutouts at a great used bookstore on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. I got inspired to make a cutout myself.

I've done a number of drawings and paintings from Man Ray photographs. He always gives me ideas with his lighting, composition and creativity. I found a particular photo of a nude from the back that he called a "Japanese" inspiration. I could see a cutout in the simple but beautiful photo.

I painted some unprimed canvas in pink/coral, black, blue and yellow. Some of the canvas was cotton duck but some was just canvas that is sold as drop cloth for interior room painting. I glued the painted canvas to a painted 1/4 inch thick mounting board. I'm fairly happy with this first attempt.

Nude. Acrylics on canvas and mounting board. 10" by 20"

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Submit to the Carrboro Film Festival!

The 4th Annual Carrboro Film Festival will be held on Sunday, November 22, 2009 from 2-7 pm in the Carrboro Century Center, 100 N Greensboro Street. The committee is now accepting film submissions. The early deadline is August 28, 2009. The late deadline is September 21, 2009. (Those who apply early save some bucks.)

We welcome all films and videos less than 20 minutes total running time (including titles and end credits).

To enter, the filmmaker must have breathed in the good air of Orange County, NC, USA sometime in their life.

Facebookers: do a search for "Carrboro Film Festival" and join the group. Over 100 (101 to be exact) of your closest friends and family already belong.