Monday, June 09, 2008

Here I'm going to test the Zemanta blog system

Morris Louis, Where, 252 x 362 cm. magna on canvas, 1960, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture GardenImage via WikipediaSuppose I was writing a blogpost about Jules Olitski. Would Zemanta find materials -- links, photos, reviews -- that were relevant to what I was writing? So I start typing.....

"Olitski was an abstract expressionist/color field painter. I recently saw some of his work at the Smithsonian Museum of American Art. He impressed me the most but I was also thrilled with Helen Frankenthaler, and Morris Louis (painting to the right) amongst others. Their juxtaposition with the AbEx crowd like Rothko, Hoffman and Motherwell worked well. I'm still amazed what the Color Field painters could do with thin coats of acrylics. Blah, blah, blah....."

I'm also pretty amazed at what this Zemanta was able to do! (For example adding the link to the official Olitski site.) On the other hand it didn't find any photos of Olitski's paintings nor the recent NYT article including his daughter Eve, but it did a remarkable job of following the gist of this post.
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Jure Cuhalev said...

Hi Chris,

I've had Zemanta engineers check why the suggestions did not work like you expected.

We couldn't find the picture, because Wikipedia doesn't have any of his paintings or of him. This should get better with time as wikipedia expends and we add new sources of images.

While we did have the NYT article, for some reason it was not deemed to be Top10 suggestion. Possibly writing some more text on the subject would help. We're always working on improving the algorithms and seeing examples like that helps us in figuring into which direction we should optimize.

Thanks for giving us a try, if you have any ideas or problems, please visit our forum - or just drop me a mail - . We're especially interested in seeing what people write and how do the suggestions differ from what they expected to get.

Jure Cuhalev, Zemanta