Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some new work

Both Karen and I have been very busy lately, painting and more painting.  Karen has really been doing great work; it's very exciting, not just the work but the number of good pieces she's been able to produce.  Those times of inspiration are gifts.

I've been productive too if not quite on Karen's level.  I did a different version of the park scene that I posted earlier.  A slightly different perspective, different palate, etc.  This one goes to a silent auction at a Haiti benefit this weekend.
Fall Park, acrylics on canvas, 18 x 24

The second is based on an accidentally discovered random method of inspiration.  See for example this nude.  Basically I use gesso and dribble in ink as I loosely and randomly paint the gesso onto the substrate.  Once it's dried I look for clues for an underlying inspiration.  So below I found this Prince of a man.  He was drawn with the same Sumi ink as was dribbled into the gesso.

Prince, gesso and Sumi ink on board, 18 x 13

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