Friday, August 04, 2006

The interrelationship of music and art: Jaffar

Shakori Hills in Chatham County, NC, just south of Chapel Hill has a wonderful Friday night music series during the summer. They pass a hat to pay the band. Maggi and I went to see Jaffar, a Middle Eastern jazz, funk band. They are tremendous, please visit their website where you can hear their magic. I was enchanted. I sat and listened with my eyes closed. For a a while I would listen to the bass, then the oud, a time with the drums and then to the sax, etc. Each one gave me a different vision. One was a wavy line, another a series of ovals, another bright exploding stars.

I decided I would go home and "paint" Jaffar. I imagined the painting as a long, long painting reflecting a full song. I haven't gotten there yet. This is the result of a less ambitious attempt. It's one of my first pieces.

Watercolor pencils on paper.

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