Sunday, August 06, 2006


No, not a manifesto on art, the creative process or some other high brow mumbo-jumbo; it's the name of the piece.

I started playing with pen and ink lately and put together this piece. It's worrisome. I liked it immediately and that is always a bad sign. In a couple of weeks I'll probably hate it and delete the post.

Mixed media, collage, pen and ink, acyrlics on paper.


Trudy Bentley Rech said...

Don't delete this post or painting. It is interesting. I am also an artist. I work both representationally and abstractly. I really am drawn to Manifesto.
I found your site because you updated it and it scrolled on the Blogger Buzz. I had just finished updating my blog. Your site is added to my favorite blogs. I was very interested in your reaction to the DADA exhibit. Will visit often.

Chris Beacham said...

Thanks Trudy. I'm a beginner so support is appreciated!

I was very disappointed in the MOMA version of the exhibit. They did not provide the very moving contextual images and discussion that I found very useful. Also, the arrangment of the pieces seemed nearly random and failed to tell the story of the different cities.

Still, it is worth a visit. I enjoyed it because I was able to learn from the techniques something I couldn't do last Spring.

I'll check our blog. I wasn't able to paint much in NYC but I did come back with many ideas.